Managing home workers, remote workers, lone workers

Home, remote and lone workers are becoming increasingly commonplace. Key issues include communication and how to manage and motivate people remotely.

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Homeworking and the law FAQs

Answers to FAQs about home workers, including your rights to require people to work from home or to refuse a home working request.

Man at desk in forrest - Remote working FAQs

Remote working FAQs

Frequently asked questions on your responsibilities towards staff who work remotely, and the rights they have to act on behalf of your business.

Employees who work from home

Employees who work from home

Extended flexible working rights and technology have made homeworking increasingly attractive. Here's how to support homeworking for your employees.

Woman alone in office - Keeping lone workers safe

Keeping lone workers safe

You need to make sure you safeguard employees who work alone - here are the key steps to take to keep them safe, and keep you legal.

Woman working alone - Lone workers - an employer's guide

Lone workers - an employer's guide

Read about your responsibilities for the safety and security of your employees if you employ lone workers in this employer's guide from the BSIA.

Man working at home - Lone working - manage the risks

Lone working - manage the risks

If you have employees that regularly work alone, or outside of normal working hours, you have responsibility for their health, safety and welfare. 

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