Contracts, disputes

Commercial disputes can prove time-consuming, stressful and expensive, but having robust legal agreements can help to prevent them from occurring.

Contracts, disputes - overview

Commercial disputes can prove time-consuming, stressful and expensive, but having robust legal agreements can help to prevent them from occurring.

Business contracts - overview

Although a business contract does not have to be in writing, it makes sense to have a clear, written agreement wherever possible.

Dispute resolution - overview

Effective dispute resolution before litigation helps minimise the costs and damage to relationships that can arise from commercial disputes.

Going to court - overview

Any kind of lawsuit can be stressful, expensive and time-consuming. Understanding the best way to deal with a dispute can help reduce problems.

Debt recovery - overview

An effective approach to chasing up late payments helps boost cashflow and reduce the risk of overdue payments turning into bad debts.

IP disputes - overview

Intellectual property disputes can arise when other businesses infringe your IP, or take action against you for infringing their rights.

Two employees in suits sat at a desk resolving a dispute

Alternative dispute resolution FAQs

Agents and distributors can be a great way to market your products, however there are risks and it's important to have a proper agreement in place.

A solicitor on the phone to a client

Commercial disputes FAQs

Involved in a commercial dispute? Unsure how to resolve it or what happens next if you someone threatens to sue you? Read our practical FAQs.

Being sued

Essential guide to being sued

Your business could be sued because of an accident, mistake or misunderstanding. If you're facing a legal claim, here's how to handle being taken to court.

Men looking serious, pointing at figures on computer screen

Essential guide to collecting debts

Most businesses experience problems getting paid on time - but unpaid debts can cause serious cash flow issues. We explain your options.

Signplate on building saying Solicitors

Essential guide to suing

If you can't sort out a business dispute peacefully, you may have to resort to legal action. Our guide to the key steps and considerations.

Two businesspeople argue over a contract disagreement

How to settle disputes

Ten practical ways your small business may be able to improve its chances of a favourable outcome when trying to settle commercial disputes

Card payment machine being used in a warehouse

Overseas customers - getting paid

Selling to overseas customers can be good for growth, but the risk of non-payment is higher. Find out what steps you can take to ensure you get paid.

Picture of files labeled with Invoice tab

Getting paid - trading terms

Inadequate trading terms can you don't get paid. Minimise bad debts by setting out clear terms of trade and make customers are aware of them.

The letters DEBT on wooden blocks wiht more blocks being stacked on top

How to collect debts - checklist

Almost every business will experience late payment at some point. This practical checklist will help you recover the money you are owed.