Small business news - December 2019

Businessman performing financial analysis

Global study finds UK SMEs in the doldrums

A new global business survey has found that UK small firms are the least likely to invest during the remainder of 2019 as the threat of a UK recession in 2020 looms...

Date: 19 November 2019 By: Rachel Miller

Stressed employee sitting at his desk

Counting the cost of stress in the workplace

More than a third of UK workers have thought about quitting their job due to stress and millions of working days are lost to mental health-related issues every year...

Date: 12 November 2019 By: Rachel Miller

Man looking into business report

Sole trader confidence hits new low

Research conducted by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has found that optimism among the UK's self-employed workers is in negative territory for fifth straight quarter...

Date: 12 November 2019 By: Rachel Miller

Person working in a cafe

IPSE launches #5millionvotes campaign

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE) has launched its manifesto ahead of the general election...

Date: 5 November 2019 By: Rachel Miller

Funding for rural firms

Government unveils new funding for rural firms

Rural businesses across the UK will benefit from £35 million in government funding to create new jobs, boost tourism and unlock growth in rural areas...

Date: 5 November 2019 By: Rachel Miller

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