Starting up

Two business people in blue shirts working together at a table


Forming a business

When you set up your business, it pays to get the legal structure right from the start. Read our guide to your options and what you need to consider.

Sector specific law

Business ownership and management

Finance and business strategy

Woman reading letter looking troubled - insolvency FAQs.


Insolvency FAQs

Frequently asked questions about insolvency, including how you can reduce the risks and what to do if you or your business becomes insolvent

Employment law

Elderly man - Age discrimination FAQs


Age discrimination FAQs

How to avoid illegal age discrimination in the workplace, including possible issues with both younger and older employees - read our helpful FAQs

Marketing and selling

Consumer credit FAQs


Consumer credit FAQs

How to get a licence to offer credit to consumers and businesses, drawing up a credit agreement and the costs and implications involved.

Contracts, disputes


Alternative dispute resolution FAQs

Agents and distributors can be a great way to market your products, however there are risks and it's important to have a proper agreement in place.

Commercial premises law

RICS Small business property guide


RICS Small business property guide

When taking on business premises, key issues you may face are choosing premises, negotiating a lease, challenging dilapidations claims, sub-letting.

Health and safety

Data protection and IT

Intellectual property

Exit strategies