Starting up

Sector specific law

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Farm supplier legal issues

The following is an outline of some of the legislation which may be relevant to your business. The list is not exhaustive and highlights only the main areas that may apply.

Business ownership and management

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New director induction

New directors are likely to require some key information and training when they are first appointed, including on their role and responsibilities.

Finance and business strategy

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Insolvency FAQs

Frequently asked questions about insolvency, including how you can reduce the risks and what to do if you or your business becomes insolvent

Employment law

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The minimum wage FAQs

20 FAQs people ask about the minimum wage - from the current rate to who is entitled and what hours, benefits and payments qualify.

Marketing and selling

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Consumer credit FAQs

How to get a licence to offer credit to consumers and businesses, drawing up a credit agreement and the costs and implications involved.

Contracts, disputes

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Debt recovery FAQs

Would you know what approach to use if a customer had not paid you what they owed you? These FAQs answer the key debt recovery questions.

Commercial premises law

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RICS Small business property guide

When taking on business premises, key issues you may face are choosing premises, negotiating a lease, challenging dilapidations claims, sub-letting.

Health and safety

Data protection and IT

Piracy is a crime


Using software legally

Illegal software can carry viruses as well as leaving you open to prosecution. Make sure you stay within the law when you buy business software.

Intellectual property

Design right and registration FAQs


Design right and registration FAQs

The difference between design right and registered designs, how much registration costs and what to do if someone claims the right to your design

Exit strategies

Using a notepad and calculator to work out a value


What is my business worth?

Establishing the value of your business is tricky. This guide looks at how to get an idea of what your business is worth and achieve the best sale price.