Starting up


Starting a business FAQs

If you start a business on your own, or with someone else, and don't form a company, you will be trading as a sole trader or in a partnership.

Sector specific law

Business ownership and management


Employing family members

Employing family members within the business can create tensions. Encourage family and workplace harmony, to bring commercial and personal benefits.

Finance and business strategy

Buying a business


Buying a business

Buying a business can be a big step forward, but there are pitfalls. Find out how to complete the purchase and check the real state of the business.

Employment law

Marketing and selling

Engineer on phone next to faulty washing machine


Product liability FAQs

Product liability laws cover consumer goods and goods used in a workplace. If someone is injured by a defective product, they can sue for damages.

Contracts, disputes

An accountant works out the interest payable on a late payment


Interest on late payments

Avoid cash flow problems and encourage your customers to pay on time by charging interest on late payments. Our guide to your rights.

Commercial premises law

Key with for rent fob - Rent reviews and rating assessments


Rent reviews and rating assessments

Rent reviews and business rates revaluations can cost you money. How to judge whether an increase is reasonable, and how to challenge an increase.

Health and safety

Data protection and IT

Intellectual property

Exit strategies

Planning to sell your business FAQs


Planning to sell your business FAQs

Planning your succession is key in obtaining maximum value from the business and to secure its long-term future. Find answers to the key questions.