Starting up

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Starting a business FAQs

If you start a business on your own, or with someone else, and don't form a company, you will be trading as a sole trader or in a partnership.

Sector specific law

Business ownership and management

Finance and business strategy

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Becoming a PLC without a listing

It's a common misconception that to become a plc you have to float your company on the Stock Exchange. Discover how you can become a PLC too.

Employment law

Marketing and selling

Contracts, disputes

Late payment interest calculator


Late payment interest calculator

All businesses have the right to claim interest on late payments. This briefing explains your rights and the process for claiming interest.

Commercial premises law

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Online planning application tool

Most planning applications are submitted online. Use the tool on the Planning Portal website to apply to every local authority in England and Wales.

Health and safety

Data protection and IT

Intellectual property

Do I need a patent?


Do I need a patent?

This guide will help you decide if a patent is right for your invention; the process by which patents are granted; and how to enforce your patent

Exit strategies