Starting up

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Choosing a business name FAQs

Your business name can be a valuable asset you can include in your balance sheet, sell, mortgage to raise money or license to others.

Sector specific law

Business ownership and management

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New director induction

New directors are likely to require some key information and training when they are first appointed, including on their role and responsibilities.

Finance and business strategy

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Essential guide to valuing a business

The worth of a business is based on how much profit a buyer can make from it, and the potential risks. Read our guide to valuing your business.

Employment law

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Essential guide to redundancy

A shift in the economic climate, merger or move to a new location can all make redundancies inevitable. Our overview of how to manage redundancies.

Marketing and selling

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Trading online FAQs

When selling online to individuals you must provide certain information to them and ensure they agree to your terms and conditions.

Contracts, disputes

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How to collect debts - checklist

Almost every business will experience late payment at some point. This practical checklist will help you recover the money you are owed.

Commercial premises law

Health and safety

Data protection and IT

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Purchasing IT FAQs

How to go about purchasing hardware, software and IT systems for your business, licensing and what to do if your IT solution fails to work properly.

Intellectual property

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Intellectual property FAQs

Answers to the common questions on the different types of intellectual property, how to protect your IP against infringements and how you can profit from IP

Exit strategies