Divorce and family law


The Child Maintenance Service

How the Child Maintenance Service works out and helps collect maintenance payments, and what is happening to old Child Support Agency cases



'LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT' written on yellow paper next to glasses and a pen


Dying without making a will

If you die without making a will, the law sets out who is entitled to what you leave behind and who can handle your affairs

Inheritance tax and family trusts

Lasting power of attorney

Family bereavement


What to do when someone dies

The death of a family member is an upsetting situation. This guide will take you through the various steps involved in making suitable arrangements

Claiming an inheritance

Two men in suits disputing and contesting a will written on a tablet


Disputing or contesting a will

There are a range of grounds on which you can dispute a will and how it is dealt with. If you feel you have a case, you should seek legal advice

Probate, executors and estate administration

Personal injury


Personal injury FAQs

You or your family could be injured in any number of scenarios. You could be entitled to compensation. We answer some of the most frequent questions.

Residential property law

Traffic offences

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Table of driving penalties

There are a wide range of penalties for driving offences. This table indicates the main penalties you could face for a driving offence.

Business law