Divorce and family law

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Consent orders

How to use a consent order to make a divorce settlement legally binding. What to include, the court application and whether you can change it later



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Making a will

Making a will allows you to plan for what should happen to your assets and who you wish to benefit from your estate after you die.

Inheritance tax and family trusts

Lasting power of attorney

Family bereavement

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How to manage funeral debts

Rising funeral costs and funeral debt is a growing problem. Read our explanation and find out what support is available

Claiming an inheritance

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Claiming an inheritance FAQs

Claiming an inheritance is not always straightforward. These frequently asked questions are designed to cover any questions you may have

Probate, executors and estate administration

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Wills and probate glossary

A useful glossary to help you understand the legal jargon used when trying to deal with creating or executing a will and other probate issues

Personal injury

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Trips and slips

Most of us have had a slip, trip or accident at some point. You may be entitled to compensation for your injury or any resulting losses.

Residential property law

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Buying a home with a mortgage

Purchasing a property is expensive. Most people buy their homes using a mortgage. The lender will check you can meet repayments on the property.

Traffic offences