Help and advice

The best sources of help for relationship breakdown and divorce advice


Divorce and family law glossary

Divorce glossary explaining divorce and family law terms in simple English to help you understand the legal jargon used by divorce lawyers


Divorce FAQs

Divorce FAQs - your questions answered from what you need to prove to get a divorce to how the divorce process works


Family mediation

How to use family mediation to help you reach agreement with your partner or ex-partner over children, finances or other key issues


Free legal advice

Where to get free legal advice to help you with divorce and family law – and the pitfalls to look out for


DIY divorce

When DIY divorce is a realistic option; how to deal with the divorce itself, finances and children; and what help you can get if you need it


Do you need a divorce lawyer?

Nobody wants to pay unnecessary legal fees, but you also need to ask yourself whether getting divorced without using a lawyer would risk causing serious problems


Relationship advice

Common relationship problems, what you can expect from marriage guidance and other sources of relationship advice, and where to find the help you need