Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) isn't solely relevant to larger businesses or those involved in developing innovative new products: all products have IP.

Intellectual property - overview

Intellectual property (IP) isn't solely relevant to larger businesses or those involved in developing innovative new products: all products have IP.

Trade marks - overview

Your business brands can be powerful assets. Preventing other businesses from trading on your good name helps protect you against unfair competition.

Copyright - overview

If your business profits from original works (for example, art, written content or software), you may need to protect against copyright infringement.

Patents - overview

If you’re going to invest in new product development, a patent can help make sure that other businesses can’t simply copy your ideas.

Design plans

Design right and registration FAQs

The difference between design right and registered designs, how much registration costs and what to do if someone claims the right to your design

Blue computer keyboard with register a trademark written on a red key

How to register a trade mark

If a trademark is to be registered, whether a word, logo, shape, sound or smell, it must be represented graphically on the application form

Intellectual property text

Intellectual property FAQs

Answers to common business questions on types of intellectual property, how to protect your IP against infringements and how you can profit from IP

Manage your intellectual property

Manage your intellectual property

Your business almost certainly relies on some form of IP. How your business can track, protect and profit from its intellectual property.

Patents files

Patenting your invention FAQs

What you need to know if you are considering patenting your invention, including why you should do it, using an agent and the costs involved

Patents writing on a peace of paper

Do I need a patent?

This guide will help you decide if a patent is right for your invention; the process by which patents are granted; and how to enforce your patent

Patents file

Online patent filing service

This tool takes you through the step-by-step process of applying for a UK patent online using the Intellectual Property Office web filing service

Cog with 'Patent' engraved on it

Online patent renewal service

Patents need to be renewed four years after they have been initially filed. You then need to renew it every year up to a maximum of 20 years

Trademarks files

Register a trade mark

Use this online tool from the Intellectual Property Office to register a trade mark. You can't make changes to a trade mark after it's been registered

Lightbulb abstract presentation of design rights

UK design rights search

Search for UK registered designs by number, product, proprietor or class using the search tool on the Intellectual Property Office website

Patented stamp on a document

UK patent search

Search the online patents register to find information on UK patents, current patent applications and the status of granted patents

Trademarks design

UK trade mark search

Search for UK trade marks by number, proprietor, refused mark, mark text or image and search for refused trade marks using this handy search tool