Commercial premises law

Whether your business owns or rents premises, your legal liabilities can be substantial. Commercial property law is complex, but you can avoid common pitfalls.

Commercial premises law - overview

Whether your business owns or rents premises, your legal liabilities can be substantial. Commercial property law is complex, but you can avoid common pitfalls.

Your premises options - overview

Choosing premises for your business doesn't just mean finding the right space in the right location - you also need to think about lease terms.

Getting out of a lease - overview

Getting out of a lease if your property requirements change while you are leasing commercial premises can leave you in a difficult situation.

Rent reviews - overview

The rent review provisions of a typical lease can present a major headache if you suddenly find yourself faced with a substantial rent increase.

Managing your premises - overview

A planned maintenance program for managing your premises can help minimise damage and the costs of repairs for your business premises.

Two men shake hands over a new property purchase

Buying premises FAQs

Buying premises may be one of the largest investments you make in your business. Understand the process and have all the legal bases covered.

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Rent reviews and rating assessments

Rent reviews and business rates revaluations can cost you money. How to judge whether an increase is reasonable, and how to challenge an increase.

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Rent reviews FAQs

Rent reviews are a mechanism for adjusting a tenant’s rent to the current market level. You negotiate a rent review with your landlord.

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Renting premises

Most businesses rent their premises, either through a lease or a licence, as it's flexible and ties up minimal capital. Our guide to what to consider.

Row of commercial premises for sale under commonhold

Commonhold property

Commonhold schemes are intended for commercial and residential multi-occupancy properties with extensive common facilities and structures.

A businessman negtotiates his business lease

Your options for getting out of a lease

If you want to get out of a lease, perhaps because you have found great new permises or you can no longer afford your existing property, but need to get out of your existing lease, what are your options? Know the barriers and how to overcome them.

Miniature house on a tablet - Online planning application tool

Online planning application tool

Most planning applications are submitted online. Use the tool on the Planning Portal website to apply to every local authority in England and Wales.

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Planning fees calculator

Visit the Government’s Planning Portal website to calculate the fees for any planning application you’re considering in England.

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RICS Small business property guide

When taking on business premises, key issues you may face are choosing premises, negotiating a lease, challenging dilapidations claims, sub-letting.

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Essential guide to property licences

Moving into licensed property is easier, quicker and cheaper than taking on a lease or buying a freehold property. Our overview of premises licences.