Business ownership and management

While poor governance can bring serious legal consequences, the law can also protect business owners and managers and help to prevent conflict.

The board of directors - overview

The board of directors are responsible for managing a company. As well as looking after corporate governance, they help take the business forward.

Shares and shareholders - overview

Your company articles of association usually set out shareholders' rights. You can use a separate shareholders agreement to cover other key issues.

Family businesses - overview

Building a family business and passing it on to your children can be enormously rewarding, but may present ownership and management challenges.

Directors talking around boardroom table

Build your company's board

How to appoint a board of directors with the skills and experience needed to help guide your business and how to organise board meetings.

Female company administrator in a grey suit writing on a notepad

Company administration FAQs

As well as general company admin, directors are ultimately responsible for ensuring the company complies with the law, including the Companies Acts.

Director in suit holding pen

Directors' responsibilities

Company directors have wide powers to help them promote the success of their business - and face strict penalties if they abuse them. Our overview.

Effective board meetings

Effective board meetings

Successful businesses use board meetings to create and improve key strategies. Our guide to preparing for, running and following up board meetings.

Man and a woman linking arms in front of a family textile business

Employing family members

Employing family members within the business can create tensions. Encourage family and workplace harmony, to bring commercial and personal benefits.

Man and a woman stood at the front of a family dry-cleaning business

Family businesses FAQs

Advantages of using family members as employees and directors include high levels of commitment, sense of shared values, and a long-term perspective.

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Role of the company secretary

Company secretaries share legal responsibilities with directors for a business under the Companies Act. Our guide to the main duties of the role.

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New director induction

New directors are likely to require some key information and training when they are first appointed, including on their role and responsibilities.

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Search the register of disqualified company directors

Search for disqualified company directors. Anyone who has a bankruptcy, a debt relief order or bankruptcy restrictions is banned from being the director of a company. You can search the bankruptcy and insolvency register to find out who has been banned.