Discipline and grievance

Disciplinary and grievance issues can be a major burden to employers. Putting in place and following the right procedures is essential.

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Disciplinary issues FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions on disciplining employees, including grounds for disciplinary action and what to do in specific circumstances.

Discipline and grievance issues

Discipline and grievance issues

Our guide to setting up good procedures that let you deal with disciplinary and grievance issues consistently and fairly.

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Gross misconduct FAQs

Sacking an employee for gross misconduct can be tricky, and getting it wrong could lead to legal proceedings. Our FAQs explain your responsibilities.

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Grievance issues FAQs

Not sure what to do if an employee has filed a workplace grievance? Our FAQs answer some of your most common concerns about the law.

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Terminating an employee's contract

From reclaiming your business' property to ensuring your confidential information is kept secret, you must make sure that everything you do is legal.

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Acas Model Workplace

The Acas Model Workplace helps you to check how good your organisation is at people management - from recruitment to performance management