Investment in UK businesses set to rise


Date: 25 March 2019

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A survey of private investors has found that 85% are actively looking to invest UK businesses in 2019, with healthcare and technology firms attracting the most interest.

Research by Master Investor has found that 85% of investors are actively looking to invest in the UK in 2019, with more than a third of UK private investors and traders polled (37%) reporting that this number has increased over the past few years.

The findings reveal that healthcare (16%) and technology (15%) are currently the most favoured UK sectors for investments. These are followed by real estate (9%), financials (8%), energy (8%), infrastructure (7%), consumer staples (7%) and IT and telecoms (6%).

Almost a fifth (18%) of respondents said they are most likely to favour UK small caps or AIM shares in 2019, compared to 14% who are likely to choose UK blue chip equities.

One of the biggest investment trends in the past 12 months in the UK has been the growth in ethical investing. Since 2008, assets in ethical funds have grown almost four-fold from £4.5 billion to £16.9 billion and the Master Investor survey has found that 37% of respondents say they will be actively seeking more ethical investments in 2019.

James Faulkner of Master Investor said: "The UK remains very popular for investors and is set to be even more popular despite a background of increasing economic uncertainty. We were interested to see the popularity of healthcare and technology which both offer a wide range of growth and value investments."

Master Investor organises the Master Investor Show, an annual event for private investors that takes place this year on 6 April in London.

Written by Rachel Miller.

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