Law Donut review of 2017

Date: 19 December 2017

By: Fanny Marshall

Your business domain name and the law

Date: 11 December 2017

By: Tim Erinwright

Why firing staff can be a risky business

Date: 20 November 2017

By: Andrew Gray

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The business benefits of hiring legal freelancers

Are you paying too much for legal advice? Or trying to do it yourself? There is another way. Shaun Rose on the advantages of using legal freelancers.

Date: 10 October 2016   By: Shaun Rose

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Top five reasons to start a limited liability company

Anyone starting a business has a number of key decisions to make. What are you going to sell? Where are you going to sell it? What will your brand say about you?...

Date: 1 October 2012   By: Paul Bryant

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Law Donut top five resources for start-ups

We’re always being told that people who start their own businesses (aka entrepreneurs) are risk-takers – people who feel the fear but do it anyway.

Date: 14 November 2011   By: Fanny Marshall