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What compensation can I expect for medical negligence?

Date: 29 May 2024


What small businesses need to know about marketing laws

Date: 22 May 2024


A female computer engineer is implementing data secutiry measures

Non-negotiables in data security: what you need to do today

A data breach can have serious and long-term business implications. Besides, there are rules you need to comply with requiring you to keep data safe. We look at the non-negotiables of data protection.

Date: 15 February 2024 By:

A person holding a pencil is designing a new app

Ten legal issues in software development

This article explores the top ten legal issues you need to consider before starting a new software development project.

Date: 4 January 2024 By:

Data security flags a potential security breach

Information security: protect your small business and avoid risks

Small businesses are increasingly on the radar of cybercriminals. Discover how you can minimise risks and the consequences for failing to act.

Date: 28 June 2023 By:

A row of employees work on computers in a modern office.

Is it legal to monitor my employees in the workplace?

If you want to want to protect your firm against data breaches, and reduce misuse of company resources, you might consider using monitoring software.

Date: 12 February 2020 By:

A small business owner manages customer records in a database on his laptop.

The rules on retaining customer records

It’s critical to understand your responsibilities when it comes to customer data retention, so that you can ensure you remain well within the law.

Date: 22 January 2020 By:

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