Five best ways to increase leads for real estate and law firms


Date: 26 May 2022

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If you run a law firm or real estate business and are looking to grow it, you need a robust marketing and lead generation strategy. Lead generation is all about driving prospects to your business and making them buy your products and services.

Here we look at five lead generation strategies you can apply today to grow your clientele as a law firm or real estate.

1. Publish regular blog posts

One of the best strategies to drive visitors and quality leads to your website is to create content they can relate to. You can start by publishing quality blog posts on your website. For instance, in real estate, you can write content educating and informing your prospects or target audience on the conveyancing process or recent developments in the property market.

Publishing blogs on your website makes you an authority domain in your industry. Your business appears on organic and local searches, making it easy to convert most people to buyers.

For example, Kangs Solicitors who are the leading HMRC tax investigation defense solicitors publishes regular blog posts on their website which helps their target audience understand their services better.

2. Add a live chat option on your website 

So, you want to convert visitors into buyers, right? You need a live chat feature integrated into your law firm website.

When users visit your website, they are probably looking for some information or simply want to engage with your staff. Whichever questions the user may have, they can talk to a live chat agent.

Using live chat software on your site demonstrates to your prospects and customers that you care and you are always available to listen and respond to their inquiries.  

For example, AVRillo Conveyancing, the leading conveyancing solicitors in Oxfordshire, has a live chat feature on its website. When a customer visits the website, the live chat pops with a welcome message and asks the visitor if they need help.

Live chat keeps your audience on the website. If there is any question not addressed on the FAQ section of your page, your visitors can chat with one of your agents and have it sorted out.

3. Add videos to your landing pages 

Another way of generating more leads and engaging with prospects is publishing videos on your landing pages. A landing page is often the first page on your website that visitors will see.

Video marketing is a powerful lead generation strategy. Videos allow your visitors to experience your message the moment they land on your site. You can also use videos to convey ideas that may seem difficult to express in different forms.

When you have compelling and informative videos on landing pages, most visitors will view them, and the more views you have, the greater the number of leads you generate. Video has a higher engagement and conversion rate compared to other content you may use on your pages.

This is a way of keeping visitors entertained and engaged on your website to convert them to buyers.

4. Take the assistance of marketing agencies

If you want to generate more leads for your real estate or law firm, you must be smart. Sometimes you need experience in marketing to choose the best lead generation strategy for your target audience. If lead generation proves difficult, you can invite a marketing agency to support your team.

Reach out to top ecommerce digital marketing agencies to help create a personalised lead generation strategy that works for you. With the right lead generation strategy, you can drive more prospects to your business and increase your conversions.

A trustworthy marketing agency will help you create a lead generation strategy relevant to your law firm or real estate business.

5. Use email marketing 

Email marketing is another easy way to generate B2C and B2B leads for your law firm. It all starts by creating an email list and adding people to the list. You can send people on your mailing list your updates, offers, newsletters, and coupons #.

When people subscribe to your email list, they are already interested in your products and services. You have to reach out to them by sending them personalised emails regularly.

Email marketing makes it easy to connect with your target audience, boost brand awareness, and generate leads which result in more customers.

Final thoughts 

Whether you are looking for B2C customers or B2B leads, you will need a strategy that will continuously bring new prospects to your business. You can apply these five tips to launch a successful lead generation strategy for your real estate or law firm.

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