Important message from Law Donut HQ


Date: 14 July 2009

We are now reaching the final stages of preparation for the build of the Law Donut website, and getting very excited about it too. Law Donut is due to launch mid-August and, barring the whole company going down with Swine flu in the next two weeks, we are right on schedule.

While the Marketing Donut and the Start Up Donut may have got there first, the Law Donut is the one all the smart people are waiting for. Lawyers have a reputation for being scary, intimidating and tricky customers if you don’t know what you, or they, are talking about. The Law Donut will change all that forever.

A bold statement perhaps, but we at Law Donut HQ are confident that the sets of FAQs, toolkits, videos, interactive questionnaires and a whole host of other material on the site will enable small business owners like you to go to your solicitor armed with the information you need to make the most of their time (and your money).

The proof of the pudding (or should that be Donut) will be in the tasting and I’m already licking my lips…

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