Starting up

Piece of paper with 'Franchise' written in red ink with a list written underneath


Essential guide to buying a franchise

Franchising allows you to set up a business following a proven formula - although you'll be subject to restrictions. Our guide to franchising.

Sector specific law

Business ownership and management

Finance and business strategy

Employment law

Marketing and selling

Contracts, disputes

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Getting paid - trading terms

Inadequate trading terms can you don't get paid. Minimise bad debts by setting out clear terms of trade and make customers are aware of them.

Commercial premises law

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Planning fees calculator

Visit the Government’s Planning Portal website to calculate the fees for any planning application you’re considering in England.

Health and safety

Data protection and IT

Piracy is a crime


Using software legally

Illegal software can carry viruses as well as leaving you open to prosecution. Make sure you stay within the law when you buy business software.

Intellectual property

Design right and registration FAQs


Design right and registration FAQs

The difference between design right and registered designs, how much registration costs and what to do if someone claims the right to your design

Exit strategies

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Valuing a business

The worth of a business is based on how much profit a buyer can make from it, and the potential risks. Read our guide to valuing your business.