Your Financial Settlement Consultation

Your Financial Settlement ConsultationWhat does the Financial Settlement Consultation service provide?

Your Financial Settlement Consultation gives you a full consultation with an experienced family law solicitor. You will receive legal advice and a written report tailored to your circumstances, from an award winning law firm.

When you get separated or divorced, you and your spouse need to reach an agreement on finances. This means deciding:

  • how assets will be divided up between you (e.g. property, pensions, savings);
  • who will take responsibility for existing debts;
  • whether any ongoing maintenance payments will be made, for how much and for how long.

Before you start to negotiate, you need legal advice to know where you stand. That is the purpose of this financial consultation. It helps you understand what you are entitled to and what, according to family law, would be considered a fair settlement based on your individual circumstances.

This service is ideal for you if:

  • you are going through a divorce or separation in England or Wales;
  • you are thinking of choosing a solicitor but want an idea of what they are like before going ahead;
  • you want advice before you negotiate a financial agreement directly with your partner or spouse; or
  • you want to compare previous advice that you have received.


What is the process?

The process for this service is as follows:

  1. Find out more: Fill out the form below to place your order, or call 01869 252161 and one of our experienced solicitors can answer all your questions about the service. If you mention Law Donut, the Brethertons team will immediately know who to put you through to.
  2. Place order: Once you have decided to go ahead with the service you need to place an order below and pay the fixed fee. The form below makes this easy. Or you can place the order over the phone. (There is no additional cost for ordering through Law Donut, the price is fixed.)
  3. Financial questionnaire: Once we have received your order, Brethertons will email you a financial questionnaire to complete and return. We need to know the financial circumstances of both you and your ex (for example: property value, mortgage outstanding, pensions, salaries, savings, etc). We also require some other key details such as the length or your marriage and the number and ages of your children. It is also important to know about you: your health, your job, your skills and career prospects.
  4. Consultation scheduled: An assistant from the specialist family law team at Brethertons solicitors will call you to agree a convenient date and time for your telephone consultation.
  5. Preparation: Both you and the solicitor then prepare for your consultation. The solicitor will review your financial questionnaire. You should prepare a list of questions that you want to ask.
  6. Consultation: At the appointed time the solicitor will call you for your consultation. They will guide you on the things you need to be thinking about, advising you on your legal position and the financial aspects of your relationship breakdown. They will talk to you about your objectives (e.g. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to stay in the family home?). They will also need to understand things about your ex: (e.g. Are they willing to negotiate? Are they likely to be reasonable?). You will also have an opportunity to ask them some specific questions.
  7. Report: After your consultation, your solicitor will write a summary report and legal advice for you. This will include their legal opinion on: Where you stand legally, what a fair settlement might look like, and what your options are for moving forward. This report will form a good basis for you to start negotiations or take further action depending on your circumstances.


Any questions? You can call 01869 252161 and one of our experienced solicitors can answer all of your questions about the service. If you call, please mention the Law Donut Financial Settlement Consultation. The Brethertons team will then immediately know who to put you through to.

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