Construction sites - keeping your employees safe


Date: 14 September 2018

Construction sites - keeping your employees safeIt is no secret that construction sites can be incredibly dangerous places to be. This is because people are carrying out hazardous tasks, using a range of machinery and tools and creating debris - all of which present a health and safety risk. Unfortunately, there are many accidents and even fatalities on sites each year.

It is for this reason that it is so important for a construction site manager to make sure that they are taking steps to ensure employee safety at all times.

Here are some key points to consider.


One of the best ways to promote safety is to prioritise communication throughout the site, so that everybody knows what everybody else is doing at all times.

This can be achieved with briefings at the start of the working day, and by having employees keep in touch with walkie-talkies on-site.

Safety gear

Obviously, it's vital that staff are provided with, and use, wear the right safety gear (personal protective equipment or PPE) at all times. This could include helmets, goggles, gloves, heavy duty footwear and high visibility jackets.


The site should have health and safety signs throughout. These will educate people on how to stay safe in each area (particularly important for visitors), but also remind those that are working in the area and keep safety fresh in their mind.

Tools and machinery

You must make sure that all tools and machinery being used are of the highest standard. In addition to ensuring safety, this will also help to ensure that the work is being carried out properly.

You can achieve this by using equipment from specialist suppliers like SGS Engineering, and keeping it well maintained.


Anyone that is working on site must be trained to the required standard for their role. This is common sense and will also help the project to run smoothly, and see the work carried out to a high standard.

Clearing of debris

Construction sites can very quickly become cluttered places, with debris, uneven floor surfaces, stored materials and more - making slips, trips and falls likely. You need to make sure that areas with high foot traffic are kept clear, and ensure the area is kept as neat, tidy and clean as possible.

By taking these simple steps and making sure that health and safety is a priority, you can reduce the chances of any kind of incident occurring.

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