Hiring employees from other countries


Date: 24 August 2018

Hiring employees from other countriesEvery employee you hire has different needs. Hopefully, these should be unearthed at the interview stage. Compatibility is a big part of securing a good hire, and you must do everything you can to ensure that your business can fully support each talent you take on.

If you aren't at least satisfactory in this regard, you'll rack up unhappy employees and a poor reputation.

Consequently, it's important that you understand your employee's needs. Of course, this can be slightly more difficult if they're originally from a different country. Still, this is no excuse for neglecting these duties.

Here's how to understand your role in handling immigration in your business.

Checking the right to work

Hiring a new employee is as simple as interviewing a suitable candidate and signing contracts between you - right?

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Hiring a candidate from overseas is a technical process. They need the right documentation to make their move official - for example, residence and work permits and/or visas.

If a candidate can't provide proof of their right to work in the UK, you must not hire them. Take the time to make sure that each candidate has ticked all the right boxes with their paperwork - if you don't, penalties can be severe.

Ask the employee

As far as immigration goes, a foreign worker hasn't just stumbled into your country on accident. They've likely arrived with clearly outlined employment goals, and are no doubt aware of the laws surrounding their move and right to work in their new home.

Consequently, if you have any doubts or concerns about their legal situation, voice them to the employee. They will know their situation better than anyone, and will be happy to work with you if you have their wellbeing in mind.

Getting legal advice

If you're hiring workers who were born overseas, it's important that you have an acute understanding of the legal situation surrounding their employment.

Any lapse in judgement could be grounds for accusations of prejudice and unlawful behaviour, so it's vital that you have a solid grasp on what is required of you. Before you perform any action, do your research and be informed.

Instead of leaving things to chance, immigration lawyers can iron out many of the details with you. As well as performing tasks like countering deportation, more than anything this kind of service offers peace of mind.

The role of the immigration lawyer is to help you nurture and retain all your talent so that your business can run smoothly and confidently.

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