The great escape - how to get out of a phone contract


Date: 19 March 2018

The Great Escape - how to get out of a phone contractYou may want to exit your mobile phone contract early for any one of a number of reasons. Perhaps you've had a change of circumstances, and the monthly payments are now too steep. Maybe you're paying through the nose for a lower grade handset because your original phone was damaged and you didn't have insurance. Or it might simply be that you fancy the latest smartphone release, but it's not yet time to upgrade.

Whatever the reason, it can be extremely tricky to get yourself out of your contract without paying an extortionate early termination fee. When you take out a phone contract you're not only paying your monthly line rental fee, but also covering the cost of the phone itself - so if you try to exit the contract early, the network provider may be losing revenue.

Luckily we've got a few tricks and tips up our sleeve that might help you out.

Check the small print

The first step to take is to go through your original contract with a fine-tooth comb. Look for any loopholes that may give you a quick and easy out.

Failing that, make sure that your network provider hasn't breached their end of the contract in any way. Plenty of providers will make percentage changes on interest and payments, but they must adhere to strict guidelines when doing this - make sure that you're not having the wool pulled over your eyes.

If you suspect that you're paying more for no particular reason, this could be your way of escaping your contract.

Look for help from another provider

If the above doesn't work, and if you haven't got long left on your contract, why not look for help from a competing network provider? If you explain to them that you want to move over to their company, they may offer to pay off your early termination fee in exchange for your ongoing business.

Once upon a time this was a rather common occurrence; however, in more recent years it has become a little rarer. You never know though - it's always worth a try.

Go off the grid

If all else fails, go off the grid. You're going to need a really good reason to want to leave your contract - but if you can find an area where your network coverage is poor or non-existent, then that's where you need to be!

You don't have to necessarily up sticks and move business premises, or house - but your network provider is obliged to give you consistently good telephone service, and if they can't reliably provide that then you may have a strong case for breaking your contract.

We wish you the very best of luck in trying to find a way out of an inconvenient smartphone contract, and if you do rest assured that there are plenty of affordable and suitable new contracts with reputable traders out there.

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