Eight relationship situations that require a family law solicitor


Date: 21 May 2019

A mother hugs her child while a solicitor explains her legal rights after a divorce or separation.Relationships are tricky things. In an ideal world, love would conquer all, and there would be no need for legal support at all. But unfortunately, adult relationships aren't always like that. Even when everyone's calm and collected, there will be situations that will need to be addressed professionally and efficiently.

Then, of course, there are challenging times, where emotions can make it difficult to resolve urgent matters without the advice and guidance of an expert.

Here are eight situations where the input of a family law professional could really help.

1. Child custody

In situations where a friendly deal can't be reached over child support or care, a family law firm like Jones Whyte Law can be of great help in resolving the problem in a way that protects the legal rights of both parents while putting the child's needs first.

2. Dividing property and possessions

Another frequent bone of contention is division of property and possessions when a relationship comes to an end. Where a couple co-own valuable items, such as a family home, both parties will have rights that need to be upheld. Solicitors will ensure this is the case.

3. Pre-marital agreements

When a couple decides to get married, sitting down to discuss what would happen if you spit up is a reasonably unromantic notion. However, doing so represents a sensible decision, particularly as many relationships break down, even after many years.

A family law solicitor will sit down with you both to discuss that eventuality, and make sure you know what you agree to and are happy with how things will be handled.

4. Civil partnerships

For couples entering or separating from a civil partnership, there are many similarities to marriage and also many differences in terms of the legal implications, both domestically and financially. By talking to a family law solicitor, both parties can better understand their entitlements and responsibilities.

5. Cohabitation

It's common for couples to live together without (or before) getting married. However, there remains some confusion over the legal implications for the relationship. With that in mind, a family law solicitor can help the couple find suitable solutions to protect their rights.

6. Divorce

If a married couple calls time on their relationship, it will be essential to get legal advice and support to ensure the process is resolved quickly.

Whether the break-up is amicable or not, a divorce solicitor can be an invaluable support in knowing what is expected and how to protect each person's rights.

7. Separation

Even if a couple does not marry, there may still be some legal issues to sort out when they separate - especially if they have children together or co-own property. A family law solicitor will help each party understand what they are entitled to and what they are required to do.

They will also be able to provide suggestions to help you restore the relationship and get things on an amicable footing, without going to court.

8. Updating a will

Even if your relationship is legally over, a former partner may still be able to claim rights over your assets if they have been granted them through your will. For that reason, it may be sensible to have a new will drawn up following a break-up.

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