Green is not my colour


Date: 4 February 2010

As I was browsing for a new console this week, the shop assistant came up to me and asked if I was planning to make my purchase "eco-conscious". "I just want to play games on it!" was my response.

As a consumer, am I all that bothered about the carbon footprint of my PS3? I'm far too busy deciding whether to buy FIFA 10 or PES. (Think I'm going with the latter). But it got me thinking about how small businesses manage the current drive to be 'green'. With daily to-do-lists stretching longer than your average motorway tailback, do owner-managers really have time to commit to the environment, especially when customers need serving and cashflow looking after?

I'm not against going green - who could be, really. Many companies see an upside from being environmentally friendly, and we all benefit from a spot of simple recycling. Increasing environmental regulation, however, adds yet more pressure to small firms who are already overrun with red tape. Is there a better way to help small businesses achieve environmental harmony without burdening them with yet more legislation?

The Law Donut has some excellent (and simple) advice on how your business can meet environmental obligations.

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