Avoid the negative business impact of local transport disruption


Date: 29 September 2009

Who is entitled to be paid if workers can't get to work due to strikes?

Many workers have recently been affected by local tube or rail disruptions. Technically it is their responsibility to find an alternative route into work, however in reality, many employers arrange home working (where appropriate) which reduces stress and improves productivity. If you have an established car sharing or lift sharing scheme, you can suggest this to employees as an alternative way of getting to work.

However you should be careful you don’t end up setting up liability for uninsured drivers. If you are unsure whether an employee is insured to drive, you should not be ordering or directing employees to get into a car with that person. If it is a fully insured company car that is different.

Hourly paid workers are usually paid only for the hours they work, though salaried workers may be paid on a different basis. You should check your contracts to see if you do in fact pay people on an hourly basis or in some other way.

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