Divorce and family law

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Divorce financial settlement FAQs

Divorce settlement FAQs – your questions answered from when to agree a financial settlement to agreeing maintenance payments and sharing out assets



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Making a will

Making a will allows you to plan for what should happen to your assets and who you wish to benefit from your estate after you die.

Inheritance tax and family trusts

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Family trusts

You can set up a family trust to pass on your assets to your next of kin whilst you are still alive. This article takes you through the process.

Lasting power of attorney

Family bereavement

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Family bereavement FAQs

Family bereavement can be not only sad but difficult. You may need to register a death and make funeral arrangements, and may face financial strain.

Claiming an inheritance

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Disputing or contesting a will

There are a range of grounds on which you can dispute a will and how it is dealt with. If you feel you have a case, you should seek legal advice

Probate, executors and estate administration

Personal injury

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Trips and slips

Most of us have had a slip, trip or accident at some point. You may be entitled to compensation for your injury or any resulting losses.

Residential property law

Traffic offences

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Traffic offences FAQs

Had an accident? Been stopped by the police whilst driving? If you have a question about a road traffic accident or offence, see our FAQs.

Business law

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Dependants' claims against an estate

Following a death, specified relatives, dependants and other people can challenge someone’s will by going to court and claiming from the estate