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Welcome to our 'popular' page with links to our most read features and information plus hot topics. Keep checking here to see what's new.

  • Sickness issues and SSP FAQs - Businesses lose a lot of money through sickness absence, not all of it medically justified. While many of the issues can be handled on the basis of give and take, there are times when clear policies and decisive action are needed.
  • Employment contracts FAQs - A contract of employment exists as soon as an applicant accepts your offer of a post. A clear, reasonable contract helps ensure the employee understands what is expected and minimises the risk of disputes.
  • Being an executor or administrator - When a friend or relative dies, you may need to act as their executor or administrator – taking responsibility for collecting their assets, paying off any debts and distributing what’s left to the will's beneficiaries. Read about the legal and practical issues you need to consider.
  • Shareholder and boardroom disputes FAQs - Disputes between shareholders, directors and business partners can arise for all sorts of reasons, from disagreements over the direction and development of a company to poor personal relationships. Establishing what the legal position is from the outset helps you identify the best course to take.
  • Getting out of a lease FAQs - Your rent is too high and there’s a great opportunity to move to perfect premises but you need to get out of your existing lease. Know the barriers and how to overcome them so you’re ready to move when you need to.