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January 25, 2013

Also in the news this week – 25 January 2013

Regional accents put businesses on the map

An increasing number of British businesses are using regional accents to provide a stronger sense of identity. A survey of UK companies by audio branding specialist PH Media Group has revealed a 27% rise in the number of firms using an accented voice in marketing communications, such as on-hold messages, over the past 12 months. It found that 37% of those questioned now using a regional accent in order to reinforce brand identity and reputation.

More retailers at risk of closing in 2013, says RSM Tenon

According to the latest Tracker research by accountancy firm RSM Tenon, there are set to be more retail insolvencies in 2013 than there were in 2012. Chris Ratten, head of restructuring at RSM Tenon, said: "In 2012, approximately 1,300 retailers were insolvent, a rise of 7% when compared to 2011. We expect this year to be worse as those who have managed to teeter on the edge for the last few years will really feel the full effects of the reduction of discretionary spending, fierce competition and reducing cash reserves. According to our latest Tracker research, we believe that 12,679 retailers have a high risk of insolvency out of over 100,000 retailers nationally. When compared to December 2011, those at high risk have actually increased by 40%".

Most UK businesses don't know if their software is legal

A staggering 93% of UK businesses don't know if their software is legal, according to K3 Managed Services. Not surprisingly, they are worried about passing their next software licensing audits. K3 says there is a 50% chance that a business will be subject to an on-the-spot software audit at any time in a year. And figures from Adobe show that over one in four pieces of software in the UK is illegal. Over the past two years, the cost in fines levied against UK businesses for using
unlicensed software has doubled to more than £2 million. However, K3 says that more than 40% of UK businesses are wasting thousands of pounds every year through software over-licensing.

Franchise show offers opportunities for start-ups

The Franchise Show is set to run 22nd to 23rd February at the ExCel centre in London, with over 100 UK and international franchise brands and support companies exhibiting. This free event is to host over 80 seminars, which will offer information on franchise sectors including retail, leisure, mobile, and education.

Most annoying marketing methods – the results are in

A new survey has investigated responses to different marketing communication channels. Conducted by Relevant Insights on behalf of the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), the survey found that banner ads are the most annoying medium according to 73%, and that only 13% click on online adverts. In addition, 72% of us ignore, mute or change channels during TV ad breaks. 54% are annoyed by direct mail and 44% by radio ads. Magazine advertising only annoys 13% of respondents and promotional merchandise (at 5%) is the least annoying medium.