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December 21, 2012

Also in the news this week – 21 December 2012

Half of British workers rarely see daylight

The dark mornings and even longer, darker nights mean that millions of workers who don't take lunch-breaks only see the sun on weekends. And research conducted on behalf of Beurer, makers of Brightlight Daylight Lamps, finds that more than a quarter of us regularly stay in the house over the entire weekend too. As a result, 35% of those polled experience a lack of energy at work during the autumn and winter months, 42% said they don't have enough sleep, and 33% suffer from subdued moods.

Regus and Staples join forces to provide small business spaces

Mobile workers can now access business drop-in centres and buy office supplies at the same time thanks to a new link-up between Regus and Staples UK. The first new Regus Business Hubs opening in Staples stores will be located in Swindon, Reading, Sheffield and Birmingham. They will offer drop-in facilities, a professional business lounge and meeting spaces. Business people can access the hubs with a Regus Business world card, by buying a £5 pass in a Staples store or by visiting

43.5 million fake pound coins in circulation

There is £43,586,400 of forged currency at large in the UK, according to a Freedom of Information request made to The Royal Mint by CardSave. This represents 2.86% of the pound coins currently in circulation. CardSave CEO Clive Kahn said: "Banks and card issuers have put measures in place to protect the public and businesses against card fraud, and these are improving all of the time. However, it's much harder for merchants, especially small businesses, to protect against taking fake coinage, and it seems the likelihood of receiving such money is still high."

Pickles opens pop-up store for small retailers

The Department for Communities and Local Government has opened the "first ever Whitehall pop-up shop" in its own headquarters in London's Victoria. The shop was opened by communities secretary Eric Pickles and local growth minister, Mark Prisk, and has the support of StartUp Britain, John Lewis and Intuit. The shop will be open for at least a year and will offer affordable retail space to over 150 small start-up businesses. Every fortnight, six new British start-up businesses will move into the shop. Emma Jones, co-founder of StartUp Britain, said: "By actively encouraging local authorities to give start-ups access to empty shops across Britain, we hope it will help accelerate British enterprise as well as providing a vibrant addition to the local British shopping experience."