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Exit strategies

Exit strategies

Running a business can be enormously rewarding and fulfilling, but there comes a times when a business owners has to think about the day they finally hang up their boots. Key options include passing the business on to a family member, which is why succession planning is advised, or selling your business. Whatever option you choose, careful exit planning is advised.

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Are your 'eyes in the sky' legal?

cctv{{}}If you use CCTV for workplace monitoring, there are strict rules on what and how you can video staff, customers and others on your premises.

You must also comply with the Human Rights Act and Data Protection Act when using and storing any information you gather.

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Earn extra cash at home


We're looking for small-business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to test websites. We pay £8 per website test, all you need is a computer with java installed (no other software is required).

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