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Data protection{{}}The Data Protection Act regulates how your business can process personal information about living individuals. All businesses are required to comply with the eight data protection principles. You may also be required to notify the Information Commissioner of your data-processing activities. Complying with data protection regulations can help to protect your business against legal action.

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Are your employees drunk and disorderly?

Are your employees drunk and disorderly - man with emploty bottles{{}}A new survey for has found that more than a third of workers admitted to being drunk at work at least once a week. Another 28% admitted to using drugs at work and, more worryingly, 5% said they had operated dangerous machinery having taken drugs.

Do you know what behaviour would count as gross misconduct and how you would deal with an incident involving an employee under the influence of drink or drugs?

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Free Zipcar for Business membership

Zipcar{{}}Get a free Zipcar membership and two hours free driving. Zipcar is the UK's largest pay-as-you-go car club, giving you access to wheels when you want them. Claim your offer

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