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Tackling presenteeism - is it a problem in your business?

Business woman with a cold{{}}Poor employee health can have a big effect on productivity. Both absenteeism through employees taking time off sick and presenteeism - employees turning up for work unwell and being less productive than usual, not to mention risking infecting other employees - can have a big impact on your business.

The workplace wellbeing tool on the GOV.UK website can help you work out the costs to your business of poor employee health and how to create a business case for taking action.

Rent reviews FAQs

Rent reviews FAQs{{}}"The basis on which the rent will be determined will be specified in the lease agreement.

The new rent is usually the 'open market rental value' of the premises at the date of the rent review. Some leases link the new rent to the increase in the Retail Price Index instead."

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