Protecting lone workers - your legal responsibilities


Date: 10 August 2018

Protecting lone workers - your legal responsibilitiesEmployers and employees know that lone worker security is a two-way street. Employees need to do their part to help minimize the risks they face on the job, while employers also have to make sure that their workers are safe.

However, the bigger burden lies on employers, as the Government makes sure that they do their part in ensuring worker safety. They ensure proper implementation of workplace safety legislation for lone workers, making it imperative that businesses follow the guidelines.

We explore what can happen if a business fails to comply with safety regulations implemented by the Health and Safety Executive.

Financial implications of a lone worker incident

A lone worker who gets hurt or injured while working will be a costly affair. The numbers can be staggering, especially for small operations. This makes prevention a better option, even though there will be overhead costs incurred in doing this.

How much could it cost your business if a lone worker suffers an incident? The numbers vary greatly depending on the circumstances and the severity of the accident. However, here are some of the things the employer may need to pay for:

  • Immediate costs. This primarily includes hospital bills, and additional costs if the worst occurred.
  • The business will also need to investigate what happened. Industry experts say that in physical assault incidents, for example, it may cost many thousands of pounds just to investigate the case.
  • The legal process, if one takes place. This can be another costly event for both parties. It can take a while to resolve the issue through this courts, which can also significantly harm your business' finances.
  • If health and safety laws have been breached, the sentencing council may then enforce fines. These are often quite hefty, as a deterrent to businesses that are not stringent enough in their safety protocols.

Damage to corporate reputation

Aside from the immediate trouble when an incident occurs, there's also the business' reputation to consider. A business that fails to protect its employees can suffer a serious loss of trust and credibility in the eyes of the public.

Also consider that a court case investigating your shortcomings when it comes to health and safety can lead to further embarrassing revelations - and ongoing bad publicity. This can result in both lost sales and decreased brand value.

All in all, your business has a lot to lose if it fails to protect lone workers. This is why it's best to address the issue head-on, by implementing a lone worker safety policy.

With the right precautions and measures, you can protect your lone workers, and yourself from financial ruin.

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