The weather outside is frightful...


Date: 12 January 2010

One topic has dominated conversation in homes, workplaces and pubs recently – the snow. It's continued to fall and, while it's beautiful to look at, it's equally as disruptive.

Commuters on the roads and rails have suffered as accidents, closures and delays become a common occurrence. The biggest headache, though, is for small-business owners who have been left short-staffed by employees who have not been able to make it in to work.

With the arctic conditions set to continue, it may be prudent for firms without any existing procedures to consider introducing contingency plans in the event of more extreme weather.

After the blizzard that hit the UK last February, many employers did introduce plans, embracing technology to enable employees to work flexibly, from home, and on the move. These firms will have reaped the benefit of their policies over the last few weeks.

If you do allow your employees to work from home in extreme weather, or you are thinking about it, you must be aware of your responsibilities for the health and safety of the home working environment.

The Law Donut also has a great collection of FAQs on home working which should answer any additional questions you may have.

Right, that's enough from me. I'm off to build a snowman.

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